Curley’s Fishery lies to the north of Bolton on the B6226 between Bolton and Horwich.  It was to here last Wednesday that I drove last Wednesday, on a bright spring evening, to take part in the first of three 5K trail races.

After collecting my number I had plenty of time to jog around the course.  This was easy enough to do thanks to the marshals who had used a combination of signs and tape to indicate where the route was.  And what I great route too.  After a slightly downhill sprint towardIMG_1178s the redeveloped Arcon Village, the trail rises up towards Matchmoor Lane before heading down to the brilliantly named Wilderswood.  Here the paths becomes a touch more technical with lots of uneven tree roots to help to keep things interesting.  A loop of the woods and the course subsequently takes a mixture of paths, roads and trails to head back to the start.  In short, not a course for a PB, but a great spring workout.  Brilliantly organised too!

What did I learn?

As always, on courses like this I really need to relax on the downhill sections.  I left a number of people on the uphills (where I always feel strong) only to have some of them skip past me on the downhills.  It is difficult for me to naturally disengage my brain when running quickly downhill.  So a focus of my training this summer will be to complete some downhill speedwork sessions with this specific aim in mind.


22:28 (22nd from 149)




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