It’s the accumulative effect of the little actions which, over time, can change the world.

In this week’s podcast I turn my attention to what I like to call the audacity of small. Happiness and fulfilment lie in being able to complete tiny, unremarkable, often boring steps without being distracted by the large goal we have set for ourselves. This episode of the podcast is a plea for us to fall in love with taking the small, seemingly pointless steps that have the capacity within them to transform our lives. Do the smallest thing that you can as well as you can. And repeat relentlessly.

Big frightening goals are great. Huge dreams can stir our souls. But it is in executing the small steps that the real magic lies, and that’s why the tiniest actions can be audacious.

The smallest steps repeated over time have within them the capacity to add up to something outrageously bold.

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A very useful and simple introduction to target setting and the SMART acronym can be found here: