It’s episode ten of The Happy Teacher Podcast!

Never listened before?  Here I explore the reasons why I started this podcast and why I believe that we can all #BeHappier.

Ok then, in this week’s podcast I explore ten different things that we can all implement in our lives in order to increase the level of fulfilment, contentment, and joy that we experience.

Some of this is a recap; some of it is new.  My hope is that as a seasoned listener to the podcast it will serve as a reminder that the responsibility for improving the quality of our own happiness lies within our own hands.  If you’re new to the podcast it will help you to understand some of the strategies that we can all use in order to be happier.

I hope that you like it and that you get something useful from it.

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I’d welcome any comments and feedback about this episode.  You can use any of the usual social media channels to do so.  I appreciate the fact that this episode has been shared through social media too.  Thank you for spreading the word about how we can all #BeHappier.




Show notes

I’ve included some useful links which relate to the strategies that I talk about in this podcast.




Daniel Gilbert can be found here.

Details of the Grant Study can be found here.


How Vacations Affect Your Happiness, New York Times, 08/02/2010