LOG #1 – Get Outside

It’s simple: to #BeHappier get outside, get moving. Being active is a proven way of lifting your mood. It’s not always easy though when it’s Friday and you’re feeling tired…


In each episode of ‘The Happy Teacher Podcast’ we explore the literature and the psychology of happiness. Together we learn some practical strategies to help us to #BeHappier.

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Dog Happy

Our lives are busy, and unless we take the time to evaluate what is important, they can become busier with each passing year.  When this happens we sometimes make the mistake of thinking that we’ll be happier at a given (and arbitrary) point in the future.  This futile thinking really is one of the easiest ways to sabotage our chances of being happy in the moment.

It is to this thought that I turn my attention in episode one of  The Happy Teacher Podcast.

I say, let’s keep it simple.  Let’s try and be dog-happy.


The Happy Teacher Podcast 

Episode one out Saturday 1 October 2016