Day 20 of 200 – One tenth

(Blackpool Half-Marathon training, 2019)

Monday 29 October 2018

When I started this little project I thought that I might be able to write a few lines each day as a way of reflecting on my progress towards running the Blackpool Marathon in April 2019.  It was not to be. I’ve been busy with work, busy with family life, busy with decorating, busy with going away with my family, busy, busy, busy…

I’ve also been busy continuing to build leg strength towards being able to run again.  And yesterday, I ran.  Not a long run.  Not a quick run.  But a run nonetheless… and it felt great.

I’m now one tenth of the way through this project, a project which will culminate in being able to run the Blackpool Half-Marathon at the end of April next year.  As I write this it is now 180 days away and after yesterday’s run it feels like I am going to need every single one of them.  Not only do I feel unfit, but it also felt like my legs didn’t really belong to me.  I suppose that this is no surprise as my last training run was back on 2nd September and my last run was the English Half Marathon on 16th September.

What was also no surprise is just how good it felt to be out running, or at least jogging along.  It felt amazing to be able to move my body around the park without feeling any pain in my left hip and leg.  It’s this that I want to dwell on. If there is a positive to take from all of this, it is this: running is great, no matter how slowly you do it.

Today I trotted round the park; I was able to get home for 16:30 and nip out for 35 minutes in the fading autumn light.  As I kicked through the fallen leaves I was struck with a profound gratitude.  One tenth of the way through a half marathon build up and I can just about muster a jog.  But that’s ok, and for that I’m grateful.