Day 2 of 200 – Killing Eve

(Blackpool Half Marathon 2019 training)

Thursday 11 October 2018

Yesterday’s training consisted of walking the dog for 45 minutes.  I wanted to swim, but in a disaster of forward planning I got the days mixed up and missed the allotted swim time at my local pool.  Still, something was better than nothing and I enjoyed being outside for some unseasonably warm evening air.

You have to start where you are.  In my case this means with baby-walking steps.  There is little point worrying about the way that my fitness must have plummeted over the last six weeks.  It is what it is. Although it is sometimes hard to grasp, being injured is also an opportunity to do other things and to see things differently.

One of the other things that we’ve been doing is watching the brilliant Killing Eve, a spy drama that is darkly hilarious and equally dramatic.  Its two lead females pitch their perfectly observed characters across the globe in a tale of genre defining cat and mouse, while the viewer marvels at the uncontrived freshness of it all.  It’s spy drama not just done differently, it’s done better. Much better. The best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you, injury. Take a look and see the genre differently.

I’ve also been spinning.  I’ve hardly been on a bike since Ironman, so it was great to complete a spin class at Leverhulme.  Although it must be said, anyone popping in would think it was more like a nightclub with wheels.  Music.  Lights.  Great fun at 5PM on a wet afternoon and a good way to get the heart rate up while protecting my hamstring.  I’ll be back.