I needed help.

I’d needed it for a long time; but like so many men in their middle age I simply put my head down and got on with it.  Head meet sand; troubles meet the underside of the carpet.  You get the idea: nothing to see here. Move on, please.

But then one day moving on wasn’t an option anymore and I came to a shuddering halt.  I’d lived with my miserable self for so long that I honestly believed that, at heart, I was a sad man destined to be so for the remaining years of my life.  Except it wasn’t even really a life; it was a flimsily constructed façade that passed for one, with each day punctuated by the relentless belief that I was a fraud.  My confusion was made worse by the fact that on paper I had everything that society trains us will bring happiness.  What did I have to be miserable about?

Long story short: I asked for help.  I needed it.  Loads of it.

The podcast is born out of the fact that I learned how to be happy.  I did the work: the thinking, the listening, the submitting myself to another way of living.  I got honest.  I gave up on the old and allowed the strength of the new to seep in.  I helped others whenever I could.  I got out of myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, my stories.  They were old, out dated, and no longer served me.  I started running.  I carried on running.  I started to sleep without dreams of being buried alive.  I learned how to breathe, and somewhere along the way I remembered that life is worth living.  Most of all I saw hope in the eyes of my children.

So I’m passing it on.  Giving it away.  There’s no secret to reveal; nothing to be sold.  I’m just a bloke who has slowly put right the sadness that was once the defining characteristic of his life.

The Happy Teacher Podcast.  Best understood as a space where I review the literature of happiness and pass on a useful mental strategy in each episode.  My belief: we can all be happier.  If I am, you can be too.

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